Painting to me is relieving and expressing a mood or a feeling from inside, subconscious as well as registrations and interpretations of everyday life – social, emotional and general. I do it on paper, hardboard, canvas, cardboard, in structures, collages, brushstrokes, colors, signs, figures and letters, or whatever it takes to bring about that feeling.

While my painting is abstract and absolute, photography seldom is. It's about searching and capturing a sense, an expression, whether it's in the faces of demonstrating workers in San Cristobal de las Casas, the surface of a rough wall in Reykjavik or a pattern in the streets of Tokyo. Every picture holds a story, often untold, kept by the object, transformed by the photographer and presented to the receiver.


  • Public paintings, Zibetto, NYC, 2018.

  • Solo exhibition Artbreak Gallery, New York, 2018,

  • Group exhibition, Room 14C, Carlton Arms hotel, NYC, 2018.

  • Solo exhibition, Addo, Malmö 2017.

  • Solo exhibition, Galleriet, Malmö, 2015

  • Solo exhibition, ADDO, Malmö, 2014.

  • Elected member of Konstnärscentrum Syd, 2014.

  • Artist in residence at Carlton Arms Hotel (room 14C), New York, 2013.

  • Group exhibition at The National Arts Club, NYC, 2013.

  • Elected member of The Swedish artists organization (KRO) 2011.

  • In house exhibition at Restaurang Riche, Stockholm, 2010.

  • Artist in residence in Budapest, Hungary, and Port of Spain, Trinidad, 2009.

  • Solo- and group exhibition at the Merlin theater, Budapest, 2009.

  • Solo exhibition at Konstrum Järnet, Västervik, 2009.


¨A painting should not be a depiction of things but an object in its own right, an object of power, a thing of presence, with an ability to stir and awaken.¨

                                                              Antoni Tàpies